Insurance Estimator for Drones

Emerline developed a mobile application that estimates insurance quotes for DJI drone owners with respect to their drone piloting skills.



German multinational software corporation

Target Audinece

Owners of DJI drones


Drone crashes are not rare, so owners often want to opt for insurance. But how to estimate the quote? Emerline was tasked to create a mobile app that would gather information about piloting skills of a DJI drone owner to offer a quote on the basis of the received data.


Mobile app, app for drones


Our team was contacted by a huge software corporation that wanted to create an insurance estimator for DJI drones to introduce it at a large tech exhibit. The client asked Emerline to take responsibility for a mobile client development. The app was supposed to receive telemetry from a drone, analyze them, and offer the owner one of several insurance quotes set by an insurance provider in accordance with the piloting skills.

App Description

After the app is downloaded from the Apple store, a user opens it and sees several insurance options offered by the insurance provider our client cooperates with. Still, it’s not possible for a user to choose from these options before the test flight.

The test flight is aimed at estimating the piloting skills of a user, so, in accordance with the received and analyzed telemetry from a DJI drone, the insurance provider would provide terms of insurance. Telemetry of the flight includes:

    • Drone GPS coordinates (lat and long)
    • Remote GPS coordinates (lat and long)
    • Drone Speed, Distance, Altitude
    • Flight mode
    • Battery State
    • Photo / Video capturing state
    • Pitch, yaw, roll
    • Date, Time and Timezone

      After the test flight is over and the user purchases insurance, the app continues to gather telemetry and analyze it for the next insurance rate. Depending on the piloting skills of the user, the next insurance can come at a higher or lower price.

Development Approach

Emeline’s specialists worked under the development of a mobile client that served as a data receiver from DJI drones.

DJI Mobile SDK

To establish the connection with a drone and be able to receive data from it, we took advantage of DJI Mobile SDK.

MQTT protocol

To establish the data flow between the app and the server, we took advantage of the MQTT protocol that aggregates and analyses pilot data to estimate a flight score.

Integration with the back-end service

We ensured integration of the app with the back-end service that, depending on the data received on piloting skills of a user, provides insurance quotes.


Our team has successfully developed the requested mobile app for the client for its further distribution. The app was built in the way to accurately receive data from piloted drone flights for its further analysis and the estimation of an insurance quote. Having such a solution at hand, the client is now capable of reselling it for insurance providers, as well as using the delivered software product together with more complicated systems for drones.

Considering the fact that, according to Statista, sales of US consumer drones to dealers surpassed $1.25 billion in 2020, and the forecast of Goldman Sachs stating that the total drone market size to be worth $100 billion, the developed solution can serve as an additional means to profit.

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