Online Platform for Certification Management

Emerline built a centralized online platform to bring together certifying experts, employers, and their staff and enable smooth, transparent, stable, and easy certification processes.



IT company

Target Audinece


government institutions

certification boards

licensing agencies


Gaps in certification processes, a need to implement a licensing process in organizations, manual and chaotic certification management operations, etc.


Online Platform for convenient certification management


Certification, license, assessment, or compliance management are the processes with a bunch of pitfalls. The representatives of certification boards, government institutions, or companies where regular certifications have become an established practice so far face lots of organizational and verification challenges.

To name a few, there are many errors in data in case of manual operations, hours spent on answering the same questions of those who are being certified, missing or insufficient information, tons of documentation for processing, and many other questions to solve, which makes the whole certification procedure tiring and time-consuming.

Being well-aware of all the above-mentioned issues, our customer came up with the idea of building a versatile and approachable online platform covering all certification management tasks. Initially targeted at healthcare certifications, the solution we provided was soon extended to other industries as well. Emerline was offered the role of a project development team.

Solution Description

The platform is aimed to automate manual certification programs, while being easy for all staff to learn and use. In general, the automation of certification, license, and compliance management processes reduces processing time and administrative costs significantly. As for the particular benefits of the online platform for certification management, they are:

  • Reduction of processing times for applications review
  • Elimination of paper-based documentation
  • High data accuracy
  • Well-established payment mechanism
  • Ease of data access and sharing

Our Contribution

Emerline was involved in the project during all phases, and our expert teams were responsible for:

  • collecting business requirements;
  • analysing possible challenges during the implementation;
  • designing project architecture;
  • selecting the right tools for the project;
  • development milestones;
  • implementing a responsive UI for web and mobile;
  • bug fixing;
  • solution’s upgrade and adding new features.

Key Features

All in one place

Centralized repository for all crucial data and documents

Seamless integration

Integration with the client’s website or their other products, e.g., LMS or HRMS, as well as with external systems

Intuitive structure

Easily configurable building blocks for executing standard certification/assessment tasks, including filling in application forms, document submission, education tracking, etc.

Technology Stack We Used

API Frameworks



API Runtime




In-Memory Cache




Frontend Framework


CSS Preprocessor


File Storage


Mail API




Container Services




Scheduler Microservice



The goal was to build a centralized online platform that could bring together certifying bodies, employers, and their employees to make the process of certification more transparent, manageable, and easy for all parties involved. An increasing number of the platform’s end users speaks for itself — the solution is beneficial either for the customer’s business or those who are involved in any process related to knowledge assessment.

Workflows are easily scalable and manageable without programming, so businesses have no trouble with keeping their certification systems relevant to their needs without addressing their IT staff.

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