CPG Data

Real-time sales analytics platform that enhances the distributors’ performance via real-time supply management and customer data analysis



CPG Data

Target Audinece



Manual data collection, slow report generation, insufficient analytics.


Sales analytics portal to facilitate report generation and optimize workload of sales representatives and store managers in retail.


Emerline was contacted by a company working with distributors of drinks and beverages and was asked to create a platform and mobile application that would facilitate their work by allowing them to upload pictures directly into the system, so it would be easier to recognize where certain products are displayed, and in what quantities. But the development didn’t end there, because the customer wanted to extend the product’s capabilities with more possibilities for analytics, new modules, features, and UI elements. As for today, the sales analytics platform still sees constant enhancements and has already gained the status of the industry-leading application.

Product Description

The client was provided with a solution that offers a variety of modern features that make a sound sales analytics platform capable of reducing supplier data analysis time from several hours to just 22 seconds.

Key features of the developed sales analytics platform

  • Centralized sales data management
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Real-time updates and monitoring
  • Online data sharing
  • Intuitive UI and interactive dashboards
  • Data Visualization
  • Pipeline Management
  • Tracker execution
  • Historical execution analytics
  • Advanced exporting features
  • Identification of mutually supporting brands


Backend development

Initially, the portal’s backend was developed with Python 2.7, Django 1.6, and MySQL database. Later, these technologies were replaced with more modern ones: Python 3.8, Django 3.0, and the PostgreSQL database. Other backend highlights included the use of Celery for scheduled jobs and task concurrency, and Websockets used for the updates of the progressbar.

Frontend development

The frontend of the application was initially based on a JavaScript library - Jquery, that was later replaced with ReactJS.

Integration Services

The portal was integrated with multiple data providers, including SAP (HTTP API), SFTP servers, and Rest API.


In terms of DevOps, initially used EC2 machines were replaced with the following mixture: Kubernetes cluster + Gitlab CI/CD process + Grafana monitoring visualization.


As a result of complex development, the delivered sales analytics platform features everything needed for efficient, convenient, and well-organized performance. The platform created by the Emerline team has gained the status of the industry-leading application, allowing the client to get a sharp competitive edge and stand out from other companies working with distributors of drinks and beverages. Furthermore, meeting the growing needs of the industry, the platform constantly develops and gets enriched with new innovative features.

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